Sumo Features

Campaigns and Communications

  • Create campaigns to send emails of the same type on a regular basis
  • Set campaign default metadata values for all new communications
  • See recipient, view and failed delivery count for each communication
  • Manual archiving of sent communications (indefinitely)
  • When editing a communication, input fields are automatically generated to match user-defined tags in the relevant template
  • Communications must be tested to an email address prior to distribution
  • All paid accounts allow an unlimited number of campaigns and communications

List Management

  • Create lists and bulk import members in CSV format
  • Edit list metadata including contact details for automated confirmation emails
  • Include up to ten custom data fields per list, in addition to given and family names, and email address
  • Edit individual member details or manually add/remove list members
  • Bulk export membership data in CSV format
  • View recent subscription data and top domains for each list in your account
  • View unsubscribed and undeliverable members of each list in your account
  • Unsubscribed member data is retained even when replacing the entire contents of a list, to enable regular imports from an external database
  • Copy membership data from one list to another
  • Search lists to match any entered keyword or partial string
  • All paid accounts allow an unlimited number of lists
  • All users must agree to Sumo's anti-spam policy prior to using the service

Customising Templates

  • Create your own HTML templates and paste them directly into Sumo
  • Both HTML and plain-text sections supported using the multi-part protocol
  • Plain-text section is automatically generated if omitted
  • Built-in tags enable easy inclusion of recipient name, unsubscribe links, etc.
  • User-defined tags enable "mail merge" substitution when sending campaigns
  • All paid accounts allow an unlimited number of templates

Views and Analysis

  • View tracking via hidden image loads (viewer must have images enabled)
  • Time and date of view stored for every viewer within each communication
  • Time and date of failure stored for every failed delivery

Bounce Handling

  • Bounces handled automatically by server application
  • Members automativally removed from active list membership status after three consecutive bounced deliveries
  • Membership status may be restored by administrator or by resubscribing

Subscription Tools

  • Code is available to enable list subscription from existing HTML or Flash sites
  • Subscribers will be shown success or failure messages, then optionally redirected to a pre-determined page
  • Single-click unsubscribe links can be added to all communications

Administrator Accounts

  • Username and Password access to the Sumo hosted web application
  • Change your password from within the application
  • Support for umbrella organisations with access to multiple accounts

Pricing Model

  • Customers pay a nominal setup fee and a few cents per recipient
  • Sumo places no restrictions on the number of lists, templates or campaigns
  • Customers are invoiced monthly for the previous month's usage
  • For pricing information, please
  • Sumo is available to New Zealand residents only